Roof Repair, Insulation and Restoration

Choose a team of roofers who have seen it all: most of them have 10 to 15 years' experience. Your roof issues will be resolved in no time!

Detailed Assessment of Your Roofing

You see signs of mold, your roof is leaking or you always feel cold even though you are constantly turning up the heat? You may have waterproofing or insulation problems. Let our expert roofers take care of assessing your situation on site.

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Repairing All Your Roof Problems

The main advantage with Toitures Alto is our 37 years of expertise: we already resolved every problem your roof may have. You are thus guaranteed we know how to restore, repair or insulate your roof in compliance with the strictest installation standards.

Sealing water leaks in your roofing, repairing your chimney structure or adding insulation materials into your under-roof are just a few examples of what we can do to help you.

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Safety is Guaranteed During Your Roof Repair

For all our work sites, we strictly respect the requirements of the Mutuelle de prévention en santé et sécurité, of which we are a member. Our roofers also receive safety training, among others, for fall prevention while working at heights.

A healthy, safe environment is our first priority during roof restorations, replacements or maintenance.

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