Roof Installation and Construction by Certified Roofers

Our certified installers have many years of experience installing all kinds of roofs. They are up to every challenge.

Installing Strong Roofs Above All

One detail can make a major difference between firmly fixed shingles and a roof covering that flies away. Our installers are trained by the most experienced roofers to always respect the strictest roof installation standards.
For maximum wind resistance, we install drips and fix all our shingles with 6 nails. The message to our certified installers is clear: installation must be durable!

Highly Waterproof Roof Coverings

We install more adhesive membranes on your roof than most other roofers (lower slopes, sides, wall edges, ridges, valleys, etc.) and we change your flashing and vents.

In addition, even though in some regions adding felt paper is optional, this extra water barrier is one of our must-haves.

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No Debris on the Ground

We care deeply about keeping your grounds clean and debris-free during and after roof installation and construction. We protect your landscaping and floral spaces with tarps and frames, and we use protectors for your gutters. Our driveable roofing buggy enables us to keep the debris falling on the ground to a minimum.

When the work is done, we use a magnet to pick up all the nails that have fallen around the house.

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